Breadfellows' Workshop at TENT



Anni Puolakka and
I made this companion piece

while devising a co-constructive workshop for children in response to Anni's exhibition at TENT.

This companion is
in the shape of a
cup to share chaga mushroom tea.
Tour of artworks in the group
show "Spending Quality Time with my Quantified Self"

Chromatography experiment
This workshop took place in TENT Gallery on the 2nd of April with the artist Anni Puolakka, 10 children between the ages of 6 and 8 and Clare Breen.

The aim of the workshop was to get comfortable with each other, get comfortable in the gallery, talk about the artworks and what they mean, talk about their form and what they do, then make some work together in the exhibition with the artist.
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Anni's Website
We made a series of objects that interacted directly with the water in Anni's piece Attention Spa

Plasticine boats, chromatography drawings, paper boats, floating ceramic bowls

folding, modeling with the hands, drawing with soluble inks, talking about floating and our bodies in relation to the water

A playful, interactive experiment in coming together in and around the pool

Togetherness at
the Attention Spa
Attention Spa
scroll around the page and turn up the sound!

thanks to Erica Volpini and Katherine McBride